Backseat Gaming is a series on Smosh Games that airs between Dope Or Nope! on Tuesdays. In it, Lasercorn and
Sohinki play a game and the person who is playing has to do what the other person says and if they get tired of it they switch. The first episode of Backseat Gaming was Resident Evil 6. 


  • Lasercorn (Main)
  • Sohinki (Main)
  • Mari (Only episode Mari Is Not Chivalrous) (Guest)
  • Jason Mewes (Only Episode JASON MEWES TOMAHAWK'S LIKE A PRO) (Guest)
  • Jovenshire (Reccuring)
  • Anthony (Guests)
  • Pewdiepie(Only in episode Pewdiepie Pees On Everything)(Guest)