Bearholdnshark is Lasercorn's gamertag on Xbox Live.



History SummaryEdit

  • Bearholdnshark first appeared as the avatar shown on right in Kinect Adventures, being part of Team Iancorn. (TEAM IANCORN ON AN ADVENTURE!)
  • Bearholdnshark made his fantastical zombie fighting return, while fighting Dead Rising 2's Brandon, Ted, and Snowflake. (HIPPIES AND TIGERS AND BALD GUYS OH MY!)
  • Bearholdnshark makes his 3rd comeback in Castle Crashers fighting alongside Greenman, Player 1, and RiotSheildman.(CRASHING DEM CASTLES).


The iconic love of Team Iancorn Makes the duo great friends/loves. They are known for being with each other in the minecart feature in Kinect Adventures. There love is refrence in the Top 5 Friday, BITTER RAGE ON LOVE.

Although these two may have been against oneanother in Kinect Adventures, the duo's friendship is needed to face off the trifecta of Ted, Snowflake, and Brandon. While He does get drunk when Bearholdnshark needs him, he's an obvious superior when it comes to Dead Rising 2, but they are still good friends.

Bearholdnshark and Brandon are enemies, and they wish to kill the other.And without Endless Mike, Brandon would complete that. Even though that,  Bearholdnshark mocks him because he thinks he is a hippie, and a junkie. He calls Him Brandon the Bathroom Hippie, and Brandon the diarehea hippie.

While being enemies, Bearholdnshark and Endless Mike do not consider Ted a threat. Ted tries feeding the duo to his tiger, Snowflake. The duo take him out quickly despite this. He also believes he can't feed zombies to her because they're rotten.

Despite her owner, Bearholdnshark and his colleague had a difficult time beating Snowflake the tiger. Getting mauled by her and almost dying (if not for Mike's booze (after drinking 2 already)) Makes BearholdnShark fear her, and scream when she's around the corner. Despite this, the zombiefighters kill SNowflake, which they believe they won by getting drunk.

The trio who aids Bearholdnshark on his barbarian fight are three knights who own the same suit as him but different colors. Because Greenman was Mike's reincarnation, they got along great. When they fought over the Green princess, all went loose for the quartet's friendship.

The Giant Barbarian that faces the castle crashers is the biggest enemy Bearholdnshark had faced, as well as the 2nd hardest (Snowflake). He did not take the quartet as a threat, but after some minutes they pulled through, and he died.

Being his second love interest (IanSmosh) she is a small cute princess whom he fights a trio of his best friends over.

While the two may be on different sides, and the king hired him and his three friends, he does not like either one, which he admitted.