Smosh Games Review was a show that aried every Thursday before its unexplained cancellation on October 17th, 2013.

List of Reviews Edit

Borderlands 2 by Lasercorn

Resident Evil 6 by Sohinki 8.5/10

Dishonored by Lasercorn

XCOM Enemy Unknown by Sohinki 9.5/10

007 Legends by Joven 6\10

Medal of Honor Warfighter 7\10

AC3 by Lasercorn

Halo 4 by Joven 9.5\10

BLOPS 2 by Sohiniki 9/10

Playstation All Stars Battle Royale by Lasercorn 7.5/10

Hitman Absolution by Joven 8.5\10

Guardians of Middle Earth by Sohinki 5.5/10

The Walking Dead by Joven 10/10

Hotline Miami by Sohinki 10/10

Retro City Rampage by Lasercorn 8.5\10

DMC Devil May Cry by Sohinki 9\10

The Cave by Lasercorn 7.5\10

No Time to Explain by Sohinki 7.0\10

Dead Space 3 by Lasercorn 8.5/10

Aliens Colonial Marines by Sohinki 7/10

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance by Lasercorn 8\10

The Bridge By Sohinki 8\10

Tomb Raider By Lasercorn 7.5\10

God Of War Ascension by Sohinki 9\10

Gears Of War:Judgement by Sohinki 8\10

The Walking Dead:Survival Instinct by Jovenshire 6\10

Defiance by Sohinki N\A

Don't Starve by Lasercorn N\A

Injustice by Jovenshire 8.5\10

Dead Island:Riptide by Sohinki 6.5\10

Far Cry 3:Blood Dragon by Sohinki 8.5\10

Metro:Last Light by Lasercorn 8.5\10

Sanctum 2 by Jovenshire 7\10

Fuse by Sohinki 7\10

Remember Me by Lasercorn 7\10

The Last Of Us by Sohinki 10\10

Deadpool by Jovenshire 8\10

Spartacus Legends by Lasercorn 3\10